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Hi and Lois Thirsty Pint Glass

Hi and Lois Thirsty Pint Glass

Hi and Lois - Brian Walker, Greg Walker and Chance Browne

Keep your proverbial glass "always half full," literally. Join Thirsty for a cold one with this cheerful 16oz glass. Your favorite Hi and Lois neighbor adorns the pint. Chill out and kick back with Thirsty’s daily reminder to stay positive. Share the joy of your favorite (too) familiar friend. This charming glass makes a great addition to any household. 

New neighbors? Thirsty's Pint is the perfect housewarming.

Pals on your block that you haven't seen recently? Take a note from Thirsty with this clever gift.

The Hi and Lois Thirsty Pint Glass.


Because we could all be a little more ‘Thirsty.’ 

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