The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee offers a contemporary view of family life from the perspective of a precocious young boy, his lab rat assistant Joules, his middle-class parents, an innocent cousin, his absent-minded grandfather, and an equally intelligent and provocative classmate.

The comic strip centers around an inquisitive 10-year-old boy genius who is obsessed with science and curious about our world. Edison has well-informed opinions on many of the big issues facing our world today, and he doesn’t hesitant to express those opinions to anyone within earshot. He often illustrates his thoughts with elaborate inventions that he creates with Joules’ assistance.

In an age when we are bombarded with information and a 24-hour news cycle, The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee offers a refreshing and disarming view of our world from the perspective of a child who is both a brilliant genius and an eternal optimist.