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Hi and Lois "Sun Beam Trixie" Holiday Ornament

Hi and Lois "Sun Beam Trixie" Holiday Ornament

Craft an enchanting addition to your holiday décor with our "Sun Beam Trixie Holiday Ornament," inspired by the beloved comic strip "Hi and Lois." Created in 1954 by the legendary cartoonists Mort Walker and Dik Browne and continued by their sons, this comic strip has captured readers' hearts with its relatable humor and endearing characters.

Our ceramic ornaments come in various pack sizes - whether you want just one particular piece or a set to share with friends and family (available in 1, 5, 10, or 20 pieces). Each ornament is carefully crafted, highlighting Trixie's love for warmth, naps with her beloved Dawg, and playful nature as she joyfully tosses peas or explores the contents of a wastebasket.

This exclusive "Sun Beam Trixie Holiday Ornament" is not just a decoration; it's a piece of comic history, a tribute to the enduring legacy of "Hi and Lois," and a delightful portrayal of Trixie's endearing quirks. Perfect for fans of the comic, lovers of classic cartoons, or anyone who appreciates the simple joys and humor of family life. 

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