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Hagar And Helga Smooch Glass Ornament

Hagar And Helga Smooch Glass Ornament

Celebrate love and whimsy with this delightful Hagar and Helga Smooch Glass Ornament. Designed to bring warmth and humor to your festive decorations, this ornament captures a sweet moment between the iconic cartoon couple, adding a storybook charm to your holiday decor.

This exclusive ornament is printed on one side, allowing the endearing design to shine through the clear glass material with a slight, ethereal transparency that adds to its allure. The beveled edges catch the light, creating a sparkling effect that will dazzle viewers from every angle.

With a diameter of 3.5" (88.9mm), it's the perfect size to be noticeable yet elegantly fit into any decorating scheme. Whether it's hung on the lush branches of your Christmas tree or by a sunny window, this ornament will catch your eyes and start conversations.

Each ornament comes ready to hang with a luxurious gold-colored ribbon, promising a grand display anywhere in your home. It's not just an ornament; it's a piece of art that brings the spirit of the holidays and the joy of classic comics into your living space.

The Hagar and Helga Smooch Glass Ornament is a unique find for collectors, a charming gift for the nostalgic, or a new tradition for families to cherish year after year. Add this to your holiday collection and let the Viking love bring a smile to everyone who sees it.

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