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Eye Lie Popeye Poster - Sea Hag (24 x 36)

Eye Lie Popeye Poster - Sea Hag (24 x 36)

Ahoy there, landlubbers and sea dogs alike! Feast your eyes on this one-of-a-kind, eye-popping, 24x36 poster of the maritime enigma herself – the Sea Hag! It's the perfect addition to your captain's quarters, hidden treasure cave, or that corner of your home that screams for a hint of high-seas mystery and a hearty helping of cartoon nostalgia.

Choose between our premium, shipshape fine-art paper weighing a hefty 310gsm, ideal for bringing every wrinkle, wart, and mysterious glint in the Sea Hag's eyes into sharp focus. Or, cast your lot with the semi-gloss paper, a solid 260gsm that'll make the Sea Hag's iconic image gleam like buried treasure in moonlight. The fine-art option delivers a museum-quality finish, as authentic as a pirate's gold doubloon, while the semi-gloss amplifies the Sea Hag's enchanting color palette, adding a splash of modern magic to her timeless visage.

Order this high-quality Sea Hag poster, and you're not just netting a captivating piece of decor. Nay, you're also hauling in a slice of cartoon history, more precious than a chest full of Spanish doubloons. As the Sea Hag might cackle with delight, "Add a dash of sea-salted mystery to your everyday, ye landlubber!" So, weigh anchor, set your course, and order this mystical piece today! It's as enchanting as a siren's song – I'm Popeye the Sailor Man, and that ain't no sailor's yarn! Toot! Toot!

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