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2023 Beware of Toddler Toddler-Claus Ornament

2023 Beware of Toddler Toddler-Claus Ornament

Introducing the "Beware of Toddler Toddler-Claus Ornament," the perfect blend of charm and mischief to adorn your Christmas tree! Crafted with 100% clear glass, this ornament brings the playful spirit of the holidays to life, featuring a whimsical illustration of Toddler-Claus caught in the act of holiday fun. Each ornament measures 3.5 inches (88.9mm) and is adorned with beveled edges that catch the light beautifully, adding sparkle and depth to your decorations.

This unique piece comes with a luxurious gold ribbon, ensuring it's ready to hang and blend seamlessly with your festive décor. The high-quality print on one side captures the season's essence with a cheeky nod to the little ones who make the holidays unforgettable. 

Available in various quantities, from a single keepsake to bundles of 5, 10, 25, or 50, you can cater to all your decorating desires or gift-giving whims. Please note that due to the nature of the material, the design may appear slightly transparent and grainy, which only adds to the vintage charm of the piece. 

 Whether you're decking the halls or looking for the perfect gift for loved ones, the "Beware of Toddler Toddler-Claus Ornament" will bring smiles and playful wonder to the season.

Product Details:

- Material: 100% clear glass

- Size: 3.5" diameter (88.9mm)

- Design: One consistent design for all ornaments in a bundle

- Features: Beveled edges and a one-sided, high-quality print

- Presentation: Comes with a gold ribbon for immediate hanging

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